"The Brief" was to choose an English nursery rhyme and translate it into Afrikaans with the use of their own knowledge and their dictionaries.

Once this was complete, they came to ICT where Mrs G showed them a ‍‍‍‍"mock" movie ‍‍‍‍she had done to give them an idea of what was expected.

From there they had to:
  • Source suitable pictures online and save them in their Pictures Folder
  • Open Photostory3 (can be downloaded freely and used at home)
  • Import their pictures and remove the black borders
  • Add their narrations
  • Edit the timing and customising the motion
  • Saving it as a WMV file.

From here they had to:
  • upload it to Edmodo as well as "Turn In" their assignment where Mrs G will assess their ICT Skills.
  • email it to their parents and teacher

Enjoy these lovely pieces. They could take a few seconds to get going.... make sure your volume is up!