KhoiSanFable 2012

The Grade 5's were given a Project for the 4th Term.

They were learning about the Khoi and the San tribes and I decided it would be a nice idea for them to write their own African Fable.
I wanted their stories to be a real fable with a moral, and so I included the character traits that we had been learning about throughout the year as a school.
Kindness, humility, patience, compassion, diligence, tolerance, etc.

They were each allocated a character trait, a rough booklet template and had 2 weeks to write their story and illustrate it by hand, after which they used Little Bird Tales to upload their illustrations and type in their story. To complete it, they narrated it.

It was a great task - I hope you enjoy reading and listening to their work.

I have left their typing largely unedited for authenticity! :)